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Innovative circular practices align economic goals with environmental responsibility, mitigating risks such as raw material shortages and enhancing resource efficiency for greater resilience. Join us in reshaping the future, where thriving companies contribute to a more sustainable world

That’s why we

Our Vision

We aim is to be the leading circular economy ecosystem, connecting diverse stakeholders across industries to collaborate and drive meaningful impact

Our Mission

Our goal is to collaboratively strive for a prosperous, more resilient, and sustainable economy – meaningful transformation requires the cooperation of all stakeholders involved

How to create an Impact

Our ecosystem maps the 7 categories of the Circular Economy with its 4 clusters

How do we want to achieve this?


The Circular Economy holds the key to addressing today’s pressing challenges. At CIRCULAZE, our mission is to enhance visibility for our members through professional storytelling, showcasing best practices and providing impactful stages


At CIRCULAZE, we curate essential expertise through our diverse formats and expansive network. Fostering the exchange of high-quality content and experiences, we create a dynamic platform where insights are actively shared, ensuring businesses are future-ready


Sustainable change can only succeed if the key players join forces. CIRCULAZE is uniting corporate executives, start-ups, experts, academia, and investors in the Circular Economy. We foster meaningful exchanges, inspiring dialogue, and mutual learning. Our overarching objective is to catalyze tangible change and propelling projects to fruition

Our Activities

Through year-round communication, shared offerings, and our event formats, we create sustainable points of contact within the topic of the Circular Economy. We offer opportunities to exchange, inspire, and learn from each other.

Circular Economy:
Can’t Do It Alone.

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About Circulaze

CIRCULAZE is an initiative of CURAZE, an innovation network that brings together

  • Corporates
  • Start-ups
  • Talents
  • Investors & Experts

across all industries, in a curated way. The goal of our initiative is to build a vibrant ecosystem for the Circular Economy.

Natascha Zeljko
Co-Founder & Executive Partner
Claus Schuster
Co-Founder & Executive Partner
Rachel Johnson
Program Manager & Editor
Lara Hein
Brittany Wiltz
Social Media & Community Manager
Carmen Benz
Graphic &
Web Design

Jury Members since 2022

Leonhard Nima

Founder Studio Nima

Christina Schulte

Impact Investor better ventures

Dr. Maria Fay

AI & Sustainability Director SAP

Christian Gonzalez

Investor Planet A Ventures

Larissa Skarke

Climate Tech World Fund

Matthias Schulz

Director New Business & Innovation

Otto Krahn New Business

Janine Thies

BMW Group Recycling and Dismantling Centre Strategy and Communications & Co-Founder pure edge

Patrick Hypscher

ex Head of Blue Movement BSH, Podcast host Circularity fm, Co-Founder & Steward Green PO

Natascha Zeljko


Claus Schuster


Lena Thiede

Founding Partner

Planet A Ventures

Prof. Martin Stuchtey

Founder and Managing Partner SYSTEMIQ, Prof. for Resource-Strategy and Management University of Innsbruck

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart

Professor at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Founder and Scientific Director Braungart EPEA – Internationale Umweltforschung Hamburg

Tina Dreimann

Founder & MD of Better Ventures Group

Marianne Kuhlmann

Co-Founder and Lead at Circularity

Nicola Tagliafierro

Head of Global Sustainability Enel X, Circular Economy Manager

Dr. Matthias Ballweg

Co-Founder CIRCULAR REPUBLIC, Director @UnternehmerTUM

Xavier Sarras

Founding Partner 4P Capital, Purpose VC Investor and Experience Economy Expert

Dr. Gordana Kierans

Partner at MGT OPEN, Grounded Press and Professor at Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU)

Sabine Oberhuber

Co-Founder at Turntoo, circular economy expert, author of Material Matters

Clothilde Venereau

Sustainability Ventures Associate

Plug and Play