Sustainability Talks: Highlights from the bgreen leaders Dinner Berlin

Throughout the year, bgreen leaders hosts a series of exclusive innovation dinners held in various German metropolitan regions, featuring high-profile experts discussing relevant topics. These events provide a platform for participants to network, exchange ideas, and build connections in a pleasant and trusting atmosphere. Last week took us to Berlin, where we had an exciting keynote speech by Dr. Florian Kammerer (BMUV)

CIRCULAZE | Apr 16, 2024

We were thrilled to kick off our bgreen leaders Dinner series last week at The Hoxton Berlin! It was an inspiring evening diving deep into sustainability and circular economy discussions. In a city as dynamic as Berlin, hosting this dinner took on a special significance, and, as the hub of German politics, it was the perfect backdrop for discussing the intersection of sustainability and policy.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Florian Kammerer, Head of the National Circular Economy Strategy (BMUV), shed light on Germany’s circularity journey, emphasizing its pivotal role in transforming our economy. The key takeaways:

  • With just 12.5% secondary resources utilized, there’s much ground to cover.
  • Circular economy isn’t just a buzzword; it’s intertwined with decarbonization, biodiversity, and national security strategy.
  • Collaboration and networking are key as we navigate these waters, especially with the national circular economy strategy under discussion and due to be passed this year.

Photos by Dennis Yenmez

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