On March 14th, we went On Tour to Quantron, the Circular Company Award Winner 2023. At Quantron we had the chance to see firsthand their unique blend of e-mobility expertise in electric and hydrogen-powered fuel cells

by CIRCULAZE | Mar 21, 2024

Our latest CIRCULAZE On Tour with bgreen leaders took us to Gersthofen, Germany where we had the privilege of visiting Quantron, last year’s winner of the Circular Company Award 2023. Our visit shed light on Quantron’s pivotal role in advancing the principles of a circular economy with the power of hydrogen.

As we learned in the welcome by Quantron CMO Jörg Zwiling, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword at Quantron; it’s a foundational ethos. Their extensive network, comprising over 350 external employees and experts from around 40 partner companies spanning various industries, underscores their commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.

“What I liked very much was to see that Quantron as a manufacturer of electric trucks is looking at the circular economy more from a business model perspective rather than a product model.” – Prof. Dr. Maximilian Palmié, Professor of Technology & Innovation Management University of St. Gallen

Before heading to the workspace to see some of the innovative vehicles Quantron is hard at work on, Jens Wulff CEO of Neumann & Esser, joined us for an exceptional keynote on hydrogen in mobility to better answer our questions on its implementation into our infrastructure.

Dr. Uwe Hansult, COO of Quantron, took us on a behind the scenes tour of the workshop. During our tour, we delved into Quantron’s groundbreaking initiatives, notably the Q-Retrofit, which significantly reduces emissions compared to new vehicle production. Moreover, their conversion of powertrains from diesel to hydrogen-based solutions showcases their dedication to environmental stewardship.

One highlight of our visit was learning about the hydrogen-electric QUANTRON QHM, which sets new standards for heavy long-haul transport. By integrating all components within the frame structure without compromising dimensions, Quantron exemplifies innovation in sustainable transportation.

A key takeaway from our discussions of the day was the immense potential of hydrogen-powered transportation in conserving resources and protecting the environment. Notably, the rapid refueling capabilities offer a significant advantage over traditional battery electric vehicles, making them a compelling choice for the future of freight transportation.

“As a business outsider from a different field, I learned a lot. For me, it’s really great to see how we can proceed and increase sustainability in other fields, applying the ideas we’ve seen at Quantron like new service business models.” – Torsten Niederdraenk, Vice President Technology & Innovation Management Siemens

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