What: CIRCULAZE eXchange: Transforming into a Circular Company

When: January 16th, 2024 at 5pm CET

Where: Virtually via Zoom

Together with K’UP, we will deep dive into a best-case example: “Transforming into a Circular Company”, alongside their client inTime Express Logistik GmbH and start-up LiBCycle.

Following a 15-minute introduction on the strategy process and what role start-ups and subsidiaries play in transforming towards a circular company, we open the stage to the audience for a 45-minute moderated discussion on the topic to exchange experiences on challenges and successes in this context, with the goal of deriving learnings and best practices.

While our eXchange format is usually open to members only, we still have a few seats left and would like to open the doors to those interested.

Reach out to us at hello@circulaze.com to apply for a spot or for more information.