On November 28th, 2022, the second tour in our CIRCULAZE Virtual Trend Tour series took place. The topic: circular packaging. Following a keynote by Xavier Sarras of 4P Capital, we heard from CIRCULAZE Top 20 start-ups hey circle, Algramo, and traceless

From the CIRCULAZE shortlist, inspiring start-ups in the Packaging industry joined us on Monday November 28th to highlight their Circular Economy solutions.

Moderated by:

Claus Schuster, Managing Partner of DEFACTO X GmbH, Board Member of Tribe Global, Partner of CURAZE

Keynote by:

Xavier Sarras, Founding Partner 4P Capital, Purpose VC Investor and Experience Economy Expert

The Startups:


Doris Diebold

Located In:

Munich, Germany

Tired of the “walk of shame” to the recycling bin with all those paper boxes? So is hey circle. That’s why they have developed reusable packaging for shipping parcels. Their target: online e-commerce, which is a constantly growing area and an increasing cause of COemissions; every second, 50kg of packaging ends up in the bin. hey circle is looking to prevent this statistic with their reusable box, which is not only robust, lightweight, foldable, water resistant, and dirt repellent but also looks cool and comes with a security enhanced zipper lock system. Their boxes come in several sizes and even allow individual branding on the lid. And forget the walk of shame. hey circle packaging can be returned conveniently and inexpensively through the mail – with just 40 cycles reducing trash by 94% and CO2 emissions by 43%. A victory lap!


José Manuel Moller

Located In:

Santiago, Chile

From soft drinks to dog food, toothpaste, and detergents, way too many items come with plastic packaging and 91% of them are single use, which has a detrimental effect on biodiversity. Algramo aims to do better by providing customers with affordable reusable containers and dispensers involving smart technology. Founded in 2013 by José Manuel Moller in Chile’s capital, he and two friends from college wanted to make an impact for customers with low income and offer the possibility to buy everyday goods in small amounts at bulk prices. This concept is where the name Algramo comes from, Spanish for “by the gram”. Since then, the idea has evolved into something much bigger. By offering a turnkey solution that brings together big brands and big retailers and saves consumers a little cash, everyone benefits as well as the environment. After proof of the concept in Chile and its small 0.25% share on worldwide emissions, Algramo now also targets markets like the UK and collaborates with big players like Unilever, Nestlé, Walmart, and Lidl, to reach their goal of contributing to the achievement of the Paris Agreement by 2030.


Anne Lamp and Johanna Baare

Located In:

Hamburg, Germany

Imagine a plastic free world: no more toxic plastic containers, films, and utensils ending up in landfills and the oceans endangering our wildlife. With traceless’s compostable packing solution this dream can become a reality. The German bioeconomy start-up has created a sustainable alternative material to conventional plastics and bioplastic using natural biopolymers in agricultural industry residues. Instead of synthetically creating new polymer molecules, they use ones that nature has already provided. In fact, anything that plastic can do, traceless can do better. With innovative patent-pending technology, the 100% female founded start-up produces traceless materials that can be further processed into a number of end products – flexible films, rigid material, coatings, adhesives, you name it! A holistically sustainable alternative to conventional plastics and bioplastics designed to leave no trace? Sign us up!