Reducing waste and emissions while crafting physical products is commonplace within the sustainability discussion. But little is it known that there’s also significant potential in applying Circular principles to digital products.

In an inspiring and eye-opening webinar with Anita Schüttler from neuland on Circularity & IT: Designing Out Waste in Digital Products, we delved into questions such as:

  • What do Circular principles like “Design out waste” or “Keep products and materials in use” translate to in the digital realm?
  • How can the 9 R’s inspire actionable strategies for IT?
  • How do we effectively map and measure potential savings?
  • And, potentially the most important one: why isn’t everyone doing it already?

About Anita Schüttler:

After having worked as a software engineer for over a decade, Anita became a sustainability professional with expertise in Circular Economy and Sustainable Tech. In combining both worlds, she found her Ikigai.

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