Fashion isn’t just about clothing; it’s about identity, confidence, and the way we interact with the world. However, this very dynamism has a hidden cost – a big environmental impact that we can no longer ignore. Born from a resolute mission to reduce fashion’s carbon footprint, introduces a digital platform that redesigns the very essence of clothing. They’ve put sustainability at the heart of the fashion industry, offering a comprehensive set of tools and solutions. Their circular design software empowers design and product teams to integrate circular practices from the outset, ensuring that every garment is created with the end in mind. Their sleek traceability solution bridges the gap between material suppliers, brands, customers, and recyclers. It paves the way for transparent, collaborative efforts that aim to make a circular fashion economy a reality. Furthermore, their “circularity.ID” acts as a digital information carrier, sharing the unique story of a product an its material data, becoming a catalyst for innovative circular business models like resale, rental, and recycling. With notable collaborations with major German fashion brands like OTTO, Zalando, and Marc O’Polo, is more than just a start-up; it’s a force reshaping the future of fashion.

What They Say: “ provides the missing know-how, data flows, and interconnection to power circular systems for textiles.”

Founder/s: Ina Budde & Mario Osterwalder
Based In: Berlin, Germany