Plastic, a material celebrated for its versatility, has inadvertently become a grave environmental challenge, with over 460 million tons produced annually and a quarter of it polluting our oceans and infiltrating our food chain as microplastics. For this reason, Hamburg based start-up Cirplus has embarked on a mission: to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of plastic waste feedstock and recyclates, enhancing supply chain stability and promoting cost savings. Their innovative platform transforms the conventional; digitizing complex secondary material markets and offering a diverse array of plastic materials, from PET to HDPE and many more. What sets Cirplus apart is their commitment to sustainability and compliance. With imminent EU regulations mandating post-consumer recyclates quotas for plastic packaging, Cirplus is at the forefront, ensuring standardized data and traceability. Cirplus is transforming how we perceive and manage plastic waste in a world where digital innovation meets green transformation.

What They Say: “Imagine a world where plastic waste is transformed into valuable resources, where transparency and standardization revolutionize the market, and where businesses embrace sustainability without sacrificing profitability. This is our vision at Cirplus – leading the way to digitization and
standardization for the plastic recycling industry. The idea for Cirplus was born when our founder found himself entangled in a carpet of ocean plastics while sailing off the coast of Colombia. This eye-opening experience sparked a mission to tackle the global waste crisis and create a sustainable future.”

Founder/s: Christian Schiller
Based In: Hamburg, Germany