Want to make money and be sustainable at the same time? Prague based start-up Cyrkl is making this possible with their Circular Waste Scan, which helps companies identify and optimize waste management costs, and their innovative EU marketplace for buying and selling industrial waste, by-products, secondary raw materials, or used materials. They are turning waste into resources – and profit! But the best part? They have made their marketplace free and accessible to all and without posting limits. From cardboard and steel scrap to LDPE and PP film, companies can make a profit off of everyday materials that would normally end up in the trash or recycling bin. They are taking “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” to a whole other level. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially Mother Earth!

What They Say: “Cyrkl is an international technology and consulting company specializing in circular waste management. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, Cyrkl helps companies turn waste into resources and thus into revenue with Europe’s largest digital marketplace for waste and residuals.”

Founder/s: Cyril Klepek
Based In: Prague, Czech Republic
Website: www.cyrkl.com/en