With a growing focus on sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions, the demand for high-power lithium batteries is at an all time high. However, valued at $70 billion, lithium faces major scaling limitations due to its cost. Lead-acid batteries, on the other hand, cannot handle the power demand. This is where California based start-up Enzinc is turning up the energy game with their secret ingredient: Zinc. Their groundbreaking technology harnesses the potential of zinc to revolutionize batteries, making them safer, longer-lasting, and more sustainable to deliver 3x the energy and 3x the cycle life. Not just in it for fame and fortune, they are on a mission to eliminate the limitations of traditional energy storage solutions, and have a team of dedicated experts driving the charge towards a greener, more efficient world. They’re rewriting the future of energy storage one cell at a time.

What They Say: “Enzinc is building a circular economy with its powerful rechargeable and fully-recyclable zinc batteries for mobility and stationary use. Better still, existing lead-acid battery factories can be upcycled to build batteries with Enzinc inside, tripling their output, making a premium product and revitalizing an otherwise threatened industry.”

Founder/s: Michael Burz & Deborah Knuckey
Based In: Richmond, California, USA
Website: www.enzinc.com