Introducing Ever Dye – the start-up that’s not just coloring fabrics; they’re painting a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for the fashion industry! They’ve cracked the code on two major issues in the dyeing world: synthesizing dyes and attaching them like a pro. Their team has developed not one, but two chemical solutions: a negatively charged pretreatment that sticks to fibers and a positively charged pigment made from vegetal waste and minerals that attaches to the pretreatment. It’s like magic for fabrics! But that’s not all – the magic formula is crafted from organic and inorganic elements, ditching the toxic petroleum-based dyes and going all-natural. Ever Dye takes the most cutting-edge scientific knowledge to create colors that play nice with our environment. But changing the fashion game requires a team effort. That’s why they’re partnering up with industry leaders to assess their product’s performance and drive sustainable fashion design, production, and lifecycle. Together, they’re painting a masterpiece that’s not just colorful but eco-friendly, too.

What They Say: “We’re on a mission to develop a clean and cheap textile dyeing process that will reduce the impact of colors, allowing us to contribute to a sustainable future for the fashion industry.”

Founder/s: Ilan Palacci & Amira Erokh
Based In: Paris, France