Each second 9,023 smartphones are tossed in the trash, and, of the 100 billion tonnes of clothing manufactured each year, 92 million end up in landfills. The harsh reality is that many of these items are in perfect working condition and someone else would happily use them. Most people are aware that buying second-hand over new is far better for not only the environment, but also their pockets. In fact, when surveyed, nearly three fourths of millennials and Gen Z, said they would snap up these wallet and planet-friendly options if it was easier than trawling multiple platforms and inputting countless different combinations of keywords and filters. Enter Faircado’s browser extension, which does all this legwork for you. The AI-powered extension scours a database of more than 10 million products from 70 different trustworthy partners to deliver accurate alternatives to that new item users are searching for. And the best thing? It can be up to 90% cheaper! Founded just two years ago, the Berlin-based start-up has already made a name for itself in the circular economy industry after onboarding e-commerce giants eBay, Back Market, and Vestiaire Collective. And they’re not resting easy yet! Next in their sights is launching an app to make second-hand shopping even easier.

What They Say: “There is no sustainability without circularity. Faircado’s mission is to turn e-commerce into re-commerce for good by making second-hand everyone’s first choice.”

Founder/s: Evolena de Wilde d’Estmael & Ali Nezamolmaleki
Based In: Berlin, Germany
Website: www.faircado.de