Introducing INERATEC, the start-up reshaping our energy landscape with innovative solutions. In a world where fossil fuels continue to dominate, INERATEC is working towards a future where energy systems are freed from their carbon chains. Their approach is ingenious: decoupling the mobility and chemistry sector from fossil fuels through alternative fuels. Picture this: sustainable aviation fuels for airplanes, synthetic fuels for trucks, and e-fuels propelling ships across oceans and rivers. How do they achieve this? By harnessing the power of renewable energy and recycled CO2, INERATEC crafts the fuels of the future. Their cutting-edge Power to X plants are converting renewable electricity into versatile energy forms. These technologies are vital, especially for the aviation and maritime sectors where e-fuels offer the only viable path to greenhouse gas neutrality. Join them on their journey toward a world where mobility isn’t just efficient, but also eco-friendly. The future of energy is here, and it’s decidedly green.

What They Say: “We recycle CO2 and use green hydrogen to produce climate-neutral e-fuels and chemicals for transportation and the chemical industry.”

Founder/s: Philipp Engelkamp, Dr. Tim Böltken, Dr. Paolo Piermartini, & Prof. Dr. Peter Pfeifer
Based In: Karlsruhe, Germany