One • fıve is on a mission to safeguard our planet through the development of innovative materials for clean and reusable packaging. Their unique and eco-friendly approach involves harnessing the remarkable power of algae. Their current product range includes recyclable and biodegradable paper overwrappers, packaging for various food products, and they’re continuously developing new materials to provide tailored solutions for individual sustainability goals, some of which include mono-material paper soy packs for non-food products, leakage-safe sachets for liquid food products, and mono-material paper pouches for liquid non-food products. They’re not just champions of eco-friendliness; they’re also pioneers in reducing the carbon footprint and plastic waste. With a dedication to tackling the challenges of cultivation and bioprocessing, they’re focused on ensuring that eco-friendly packaging materials are scalable and efficient. They understand that one solution doesn’t fit all, which is why they’ve developed an in-house algorithm that rapidly identifies the right technology. The result? Swift product development, crucial in the race against time.

What They Say: “Our mission is to protect our planet by developing materials for clean and closed material loops. We want to find our sustainable materials in every household, globally, by 2040.”

Founder/s: Martin Weber & Claire Gusko
Based In: Hamburg, Germany