Water is the most precious resource for all life forms on the planet, but it is also a universal solvent, which means that other toxic substances are easily able to dissolve into it. Therefore, any chemicals that end up in the water result in polluted water, which is dangerous to the environment and humans. Oxyle is on a mission to stop water pollution at the source, and prevent toxic micropollutants from entering our bodies of water. To this effect, the Swiss start-up has crafted a novel wastewater treatment: a fully-automated nanocatalyst that destroys all micropollutants in real-time. Their sustainable technology can be tailored to the sector it is being used in, from PPCPs in pharmaceuticals to pesticides in food production, and more. Multi-targeted solutions like Oxyle’s are vital to the cleaning of our global waterways as removing all of the complex types of water pollutants in different ways is a tricky business. 2023 has been a remarkable year for the small team, and the ambitious water-cleaning superheroes are only just getting started. In October, they won the 2023 Public Value Award for Start-Ups and were named as a shining example of how innovation can advance our common good. That really says it all.

What They Say: “Oxyle’s technology will completely destroy organic micropollutants, once and for all.”

Founder/s: Fajer Mushtaq & Silvan Staufert
Based In: Zurich, Switzerland
Website: www.oxyle.ch