QUANTRON, with their motto “Empower the Future,” embodies the core values of reliability, energy, and bravery. But they’re not just about words; they’re all about action! What makes QUANTRON stand out is their unique blend of e-mobility expertise in both electric and hydrogen powered fuel cells and over 140 years of commercial vehicle experience; Now in the fifth generation of the Haller family, they’ve been in the transportation game since the days of horse-drawn carriages. As a tech player, they are specialists in electrifying both new and used vehicles to give them a second and environmentally friendlier life with their Q-Retrofit concept. Back in 2011, founder Andreas Haller took a giant leap and sold their very first e-bus to the municipal utility of Osnabrück. And he didn’t stop there – in 2021, QUANTRON teamed up with IKEA Vienna to supply a fleet of 60 zero emission environmentally friendly electric and hydrogen powered trucks. Even more recently, they announced their collaboration with industry leaders PepsiCo and Red Sea Global, delivering the first 50 QUANTRON QARGO 4 EV light trucks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – the first electric vehicle to hit the roads of the country and a huge deal in the land of oil! The future holds even more great things in store. In 2024, QUANTRON is partnering up with ACE Championship, a recently launched all-electric racing series that is on a mission to promote young motorsport talents and champion green solutions. The QUANTRON QHM FCEV AERO zero-emission trucks will support in the effort to decarbonize motorsport by organizing ACE Championship’s logistics. This dedication to sustainability earned QUANTRON the prestigious European Transport Award for Sustainability in 2022. In a world where sustainable solutions are the need of the hour, the Haller family and their team are leading the charge. With QUANTRON, you’re not just getting from point A to B; you’re part of a movement towards a cleaner, hydrogen powered, and greener future.

What They Say: “We strive to change the way transportation is organized to date by placing an emphasis on moving to zero emissions. Our vision at QUANTRON is to revolutionize the transportation industry and challenge a century-old industry sector through the holistic use of clean technology, bundling it into a 360° as a Service Platform.”

Founder/s: Andreas Haller
Based In: Gersthofen, Germany
Website: www.quantron.net/en/