Introducing ROSI Solar, the French start-up leading the charge towards a greener energy future. As the European Union strives for a bold 45% renewable energy target by 2030, the production of solar panels is set to surge in the coming years. While this growth is promising, we must not turn a blind eye to its environmental repercussions. Take photovoltaic (PV) modules, for instance; they dutifully generate electricity from sunlight for 20-25 years, but what about the emissions and wasted material during the production of solar panels, and what becomes of them when they reach their lifespan’s end? This is where ROSI Solar steps in. Their pioneering technologies rejuvenate discarded materials, ensuring precise material separation without the need for harsh chemicals. This not only fosters eco-friendly recycling but also drives remarkable cost-efficiency. Their commitment to environmentally friendly, cost-effective recycling is setting the stage for a more sustainable tomorrow in a world where renewable energy is paramount. Au revoir waste!

What They Say: “Waste is a misplaced resource, we render PV truly circular!”

Founder/s: Yun Luo, Guy Chichignoud, & Daniel Bajolet
Based In: Grenoble, France