The benefits of taking public transport over driving alone are no secret: carbon emissions are reduced by 45%, local air quality improves, unnecessary noise is cut, and traffic on the roads is greatly reduced. Unfortunately, there are many areas with impractical or non-existent transportation networks. In some cases, on-demand public transport works to plug these gaps and can be a lifeline to those who live there. But, even when such options exist, they rarely work efficiently. Enter, The Routing Company, whose founders have developed a suite of technology to help transportation providers run useful and cost-effective on-demand services. Founded in 2018, The Routing Company’s algorithms are based on five years of MIT research, and their core technology has been hailed by newsbrand CNN as “a striking example of the potential around ride sharing.” Solutions are tailored from a raft of innovative products in order to meet the requirements of any business which moves people around; be it paratransit or university. Yet, for the transport users, solutions are easy to use. The transatlantic start-up’s Ride Pingo app surfaces all available modes of transport in one app, making public transport the simplest yet. It has also already been put into use across the US and in Europe, improving public transport across the globe.

What They Say: “Co-founders Alex and Menno developed a passion for the engineering and mathematical challenge of dynamic on-demand public transportation. Once Alex and Menno realized what they had created, they decided to bring their solution to the world. They brought ridesharing experts and transit leaders on board to help take The Routing Company from an idea to a critical solution to tackle underutilization of shared transport and by doing so contribute to the goals of the circular economy.”

Founder/s: Alex Waller and Menno van der Zee
Based In: Massachusetts, USA & Amsterdam, The Netherlands