Why you should attend as an Investor


Enhance your deal flow by engaging with a range of innovative start-ups. Discover potential investment opportunities and forge connections with entrepreneurs shaping the future of the Circular Economy

Elevate your

Become a recognized figure, make impactful connections to start-ups and corporate decision makers/company owners and position yourself as a key player in sustainable investments

Meet your

Network with fellow investors, exchange insights, and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of sustainable investments. Strengthen your connections and enhance your position in the Circular Economy ecosystem

How To Connect

Start-up Village

Visit the Start-up Village and meet the founders at their booths. Discover investment opportunities. Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of emerging ventures and foster connections

Pitch Stage

Engage with the lively atmosphere of the Pitch Stage, where entrepreneurs present their groundbreaking solutions. Discover potential investments, connect with innovative start-ups

Start-up Booklet

Have a look in the Start-up Booklet, a guide featuring the participating entrepreneurs. Connect directly to the founders, explore potential investments, and stay informed about the latest innovations

What other Investors say

Sonia Amend
Investment Analyst and Community Manager EWOR

Xavier Sarras
Founding Partner 4P Capital, Purpose VC Investor, and Experience Economy Expert