Werewool is a biomaterials company that develops fibers with tailored aesthetic and performance properties. Inspired by nature, they design protein fibers at the DNA level to create sustainable textiles with inherent properties, creating low impact materials with a circular life cycle. Founder/s: Theanne Schiros, Chui-Lian Lee, Valentina Gomez, Allie Obermeyer & Helen Lu Based In:…


Traceless developed an innovative, patentpending technology to make use of natural biopolymers in agricultural industry residues. With their technology, they produce a novel generation of bio-circular and plastic-free materials. Founder/s: Johanna Baare & Anne Lamp Based In: Hamburg, Germany Website: www.traceless.eu

The Hurd Co

The Hurd Co’s cellulosic pulp is made from 100% agricultural waste materials and can be used as a plug-in to produce man-made cellulosic fibers in the textile industry (viscose/rayon, modal, or lyocell). Finding alternatives to virgin cellulosic pulp is a key challenge faced by the textile industry (virgin wood pulp production is associated with high…


RUBI LABORATORIES has developed an innovative enzymatic synthetic process to recycle waste emissions into cellulosic fabrics. Their approach of converting carbon emissions into cellulosic and not synthetic fibers is innovative and unique. Founder/s: Leila Mashouf & Neeka Mashouf Based In: San Francisco, USA Website: www.rubi.earth


Through targeted innovations in the way clothes are assembled, sorted, and disassembled, Resortec’s solutions empower brands to rise to today’s environmental challenges at the pace and scale Earth needs. Founder/s: Cédric Vanhoeck & Vanessa Counaert Based In: Brussels, Belgium Website: www.resortecs.com


koorvi allows brands to set up individual and automized product take back processes in an easy way. They offer a holistic service: taking care of customer communication, shipping label generation, product presorting, item tracking, customer compensation, and circularity reporting. Founder/s: Andrea Schneller & Mario Schneller Based In: Munich, Germany Website: www.koorvi.com


mujō packaging material biodegrades straight after use, naturally and harmlessly. Products are made from the renewable resource kelp. It is a fast-growing alga which doesn’t need additional water, nor does it need agricultural land. Instead, it produces oxygen and purifies the ocean water. Founder/s: Annekathrin Grüneberg & Juni Sun Neyenhuys Based In: Berlin, Germany Website:…

Mr. Green Africa

Mr. Green Africa is a recycling company that sells pre-processed recycling materials with a traceable social and environmental impact. The company integrates informal waste collectors into the value chain by applying fair trade principles. Founder/s: Keiran Smith & Karim Debabe Based In: Nairobi, Kenya Website: www.mrgreenafrica.com


Mimbly is a manufacturer of sustainable laundry systems intended to recycle water in a washing compound. The company’s Mimbox system is plugged into the washing machine through a water intake valve where it tracks, analyses, and purifies water during each cycle for its reuse. Founder/s: Isabella Palmgren & Emil Vestman Based In: Gothenburg, Sweden Website:…


Matter’s mission is to improve the health of our world and its water by capturing microplastics and stopping this pollution from choking our planet and threatening our eco-system. Through brilliant design thinking, Matter’s mission is to stop this pollution at the source. Founder/s: Adam Root Based In: Bristol, United Kingdom Website: www.matter.industries