Kickin’ the But(t)s Volume 1: Electric Mobility

When it comes to ecological transformation, the same objections – the famous “buts” – often recur. In this new column series, we want to give experts a platform to address and dispel these doubts. A “Yes” instead of a “But”, facts instead of fake news. With episode one, we turn to electric mobility as Tilmann Vahle, Director of Sustainable Mobility and Batteries at Systemiq, dispels a few common misconceptions



On March 14th, we went On Tour to Quantron, the Circular Company Award Winner 2023. At Quantron we had the chance to see firsthand their unique blend of e-mobility expertise in electric and hydrogen-powered fuel cells


Fight Waste: Patrick vs Baby Stroller

Patrick Hypscher, Co-Founder Green PO & Podcast-Host, is on a mission to eliminate waste. In this new series, the problem of everyday objects that on surface level appear to be long-lasting, but often break, have expired warranties, and come with hefty repair costs will be examined. This month, Patrick takes on the baby stroller


CIRCULAZE Virtual Trend Tour Fashion & Textiles

In our third Trend Tour of the year, we heard from three start-ups on their circular solutions for fashion & textiles. From sustainable fabric dyeing to digital textile sorting and repurposing of textile waste, check out the full recap here


Building Trust, Driving Impact: Collaboration in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

In the bustling atmosphere of the CIRCULAZE Night 2022, where innovators, investors, start-ups, and entrepreneurs came together, start-up Founder & CEO of hey circle Doris Diebold and Angel Investor Robert Hein’s paths first crossed. They became engrossed in a conversation that would shape their future collaboration


Sustainability 101: Recommendations from Stefan Nilsson

Currently serving as the Chief Sustainability and Strategy Officer at Foxway Group, Stefan Nilsson is a visionary leader and passionately champions a sustainable ethos in all aspects of living, societal engagement, and business practices. Check out his top recommendations and must reads


CIRCULAZE Virtual Trend Tour Built Environment

On February 26th, we heard from experts and start-ups working in the Built Environment on their solutions for a more circular economy. These are our key takeaways


Messe München and CIRCULAZE to Launch the Cross-Industry B2B Sustainability Network “bgreen leaders”

Hot off the press! Together, CIRCULAZE and the Messe München have created THE home for circular leaders with the newly established bgreen leaders’ network

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Lena Thiede on the Circular Economy and the Need for Collaboration

Lena Thiede, Founding Partner of Planet A, a venture capital fund that invests in European Greentech start-ups, is responsible for scientific impact assessment at Planet A. For Lena, collaboration is key for the circular economy to succeed

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CIRCULAZE Wrapped 2023

2023 has been a busy year at CIRCULAZE, and, as the year comes to a close, we are taking a moment to reflect on all ...


CIRCULAZE Summit 2023: Voices of the Students

A unique feature of this year’s summit was the partnership with universities by offering their students free tickets and active engagement.


Video: CIRCULAZE Night and Summit 2023

At the CIRCULAZE Night on November 7th, the Top 21 Circular Economy Start-ups of 2023 and the winner of the 8th category “Circular Company” were ...


Solutions for a Circular Economy: CIRCULAZE Goes to the ISPO Munich

CIRCULAZE, together with IFAT and more than 50 corporate executives from different industries, attended the ISPO Munich 2023 on November 29th.

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CIRCULAZE Night & Summit 2023: A Pinnacle of Circular Innovation

The CIRCULAZE Night & Summit took place on November 7th & 8th, 2023 at the House of Communication Munich. Check out the recap now!


Torsten Toeller and Folkert Schultz on Protecting Our Environment for Happier Pets and Happier People

German pet food company, Fressnapf’s vision statement: “Happier Pets. Happier People.”


CIRCULAZE Summer Talk 2023

On July 6th together with ODDO BHF, we hosted an exclusive CIRCULAZE Summer Talk on "Sustainability as a Security Strategy: How Companies are Positioning Themselves ...


Recycling vs. the Circular Economy

The Circular Economy and recycling may both have eliminating waste from the environment in mind, however, the two systems couldn’t be further in approach from each other. Learn why we should stop recycling and embrace the Circular Economy more


CIRCULAZE eXchange: Regulations

The second CIRCULAZE eXchange took place on June 22. We gathered to discuss EU-level regulations with Dr. Claas Oehlmann, Managing Director for the Initiative Circular ...


Xavier Sarras on Changing Earth’s Status Quo

Xavier Sarras believes better business models are needed to change the current predicament we find ourselves in.

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Tina Dreimann on Driving Towards a Better Value Chain

As a driven impact investor and founder of the angel club better ventures, Tina Dreimann has won over 60 successful entrepreneurs as strong partners and ...

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CIRCULAZE NOW! with Rosa Riera

Listen to the second episode of CIRCULAZE NOW!, the podcast of the Circular Economy Initiative CIRCULAZE by CURAZE, as co-host Natascha Zeljko, CURAZE, discusses with ...

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CIRCULAZE NOW! with Janine Thies

Listen to the first episode of CIRCULAZE NOW!, the podcast of the Circular Economy Initiative CIRCULAZE by CURAZE, as co-host Jan Möllendorf, DEFACTO X, discusses ...


CIRCULAZE on Tour: BMW Recycling- und Demontagezentrum

On April 25th, we went on tour with #CIRCULAZE for the first time! Together with our amazing partners, we are involved in exciting circular economy ...

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Patrick Hypscher on Five Elements Every Organization Needs to Succeed in the Circular Economy

Patrick Hypscher enjoys building bridges between technology, sustainability, and leadership.


Matthias Schulz on Staying Relevant in an Ever-Changing World

Matthias Schulz joined Otto Krahn Group in 2018 to drive its digitalization initiatives, gradually moving into his current role as Director New Business and Innovation ...


Inside the Construction Industry: The Living Buildings Challenge and the Need to Go Circular

The construction industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation, generating significant amounts of waste, carbon emissions, and other pollutants. By taking a ...


Prof. Dr. Martin R. Stuchtey on How a Circular Economy will Save the Planet

Establishing a Circular Economy and reversing the climate crisis goes hand in hand. As Founder of Landbanking Group, which aims to change the way we ...

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Michael Braungart on the Benefits of Cradle to Cradle

Do we need LED lights and flooring? Our CIRCULAZE jury member Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, Founder and Scientific Director of Braungart EPEA – Internationale Umweltforschung ...