Date: 29 May 2024 | 5:00 pm
For bgreen leaders


Join us on May 29th at 5pm CEST for a virtual eXchange by Dennis Kirpensteijn, COO of ZOLLHOF, on Investors in the Start-up Ecosystem: Why now is the perfect time to invest into early stage start-up companies.

“Early stage (technology) start-ups are the key driver for innovation and disrupting markets in any ecosystem.” This statement is also true when we talk about sustainability and impact. It is that subset of innovators that think differently and can have a true impact on the future of our society and planet. What they need is mentoring and sufficient capital to get their groundbreaking ideas off the ground and into the market. The spark to ignite the funding engine on a long journey could be you. In this eXchange, Dennis will discuss why angel investing is so important and why now is the best time to start.

About Dennis Kirpensteijn:

A serial entrepreneur from the Nuremberg region, Dennis has been immersed in the European start-up ecosystem since 2011 and has co-founded several start-up companies (and exited two of his previous endeavours.) On his journey, he has invested in 10 start-up companies and also worked for a Spanish venture capital firm, running their operations in Germany. Since the beginning of 2023, Dennis is the COO of ZOLLHOF – Tech Incubator, one of the TOP 5 Start-up Incubator in Germany according to the Financial Times.

Interested in joining? Reach out to us at to reserve a seat.