Traceless developed an innovative, patentpending technology to make use of natural biopolymers in agricultural industry residues. With their technology, they produce a novel generation of bio-circular and plastic-free materials. Founder/s: Johanna Baare & Anne Lamp Based In: Hamburg, Germany Website:


mujō packaging material biodegrades straight after use, naturally and harmlessly. Products are made from the renewable resource kelp. It is a fast-growing alga which doesn’t need additional water, nor does it need agricultural land. Instead, it produces oxygen and purifies the ocean water. Founder/s: Annekathrin Grüneberg & Juni Sun Neyenhuys Based In: Berlin, Germany Website:…

Mr. Green Africa

Mr. Green Africa is a recycling company that sells pre-processed recycling materials with a traceable social and environmental impact. The company integrates informal waste collectors into the value chain by applying fair trade principles. Founder/s: Keiran Smith & Karim Debabe Based In: Nairobi, Kenya Website:


Mimbly is a manufacturer of sustainable laundry systems intended to recycle water in a washing compound. The company’s Mimbox system is plugged into the washing machine through a water intake valve where it tracks, analyses, and purifies water during each cycle for its reuse. Founder/s: Isabella Palmgren & Emil Vestman Based In: Gothenburg, Sweden Website:…


Matter’s mission is to improve the health of our world and its water by capturing microplastics and stopping this pollution from choking our planet and threatening our eco-system. Through brilliant design thinking, Matter’s mission is to stop this pollution at the source. Founder/s: Adam Root Based In: Bristol, United Kingdom Website:

hey circle

hey circle has developed reusable packaging for shipping parcels. They are targeting online e-commerce, which is a growing area and produces a large amount of CO2-Emissions. Their solution is innovative in minimizing paper waste. Founder/s: Doris Diebold Based In: Munich, Germany Website:


Plastic, a material celebrated for its versatility, has inadvertently become a grave environmental challenge, with over 460 million tons produced annually and a quarter of it polluting our oceans and infiltrating our food chain as microplastics. For this reason, Hamburg based start-up Cirplus has embarked on a mission: to bridge the gap between buyers and…


Water is the most precious resource for all life forms on the planet, but it is also a universal solvent, which means that other toxic substances are easily able to dissolve into it. Therefore, any chemicals that end up in the water result in polluted water, which is dangerous to the environment and humans. Oxyle…

One Five

One • fıve is on a mission to safeguard our planet through the development of innovative materials for clean and reusable packaging. Their unique and eco-friendly approach involves harnessing the remarkable power of algae. Their current product range includes recyclable and biodegradable paper overwrappers, packaging for various food products, and they’re continuously developing new materials…